Monday, 30 September 2013

70 Weeks

This date is the year 2017/19 which I believe is a turning point in world and biblical history.I'm convinced that it is the year where tribulation begins,in one of these three dates (2017-18-19) there will be the opening of the seventh seal by the lamb of God,in withen one year or less from that future opening the seven year tribulation as described in the bible will start

this number of 70 and onother number 49.
so beginning with Daniel's prophecy of the 70 weeks meaning years multiplied with 7,the result would be 490 years as we all know,but we all know that 1948/49 was also the year of rebirth of Isreal,very odd that the most famoes of Daniels Prophecies is numbered with a 4-9-0 and then almost two thousand years later the biggest event in jewish history has a 49 in it's date,but other than that if I'm not wrong in the year 70 a.d jerusalem was destroyed and from there the jews were scattered all around the globe with out a nation of there own till the year 1948/49
So we have a 70 a.d. a 70 weeks multiplied by a 7 a 490 years and then a 1948/49,if you add 70 years you'll have 2018-19
So we have a starting point of 1948/49 and an end point of 2018/19 after 70 yearsand now after almost 70 years we see isreal in the center of the most dangerous crises in it's history with a nuclear iran which has vowed it's destuction

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