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History of false doctrines of Christendom


                        Departure from the Truth
                      dates are as accurate as possible

                    THE ECCLESIAS WERE FORMED
                         IN THE FIRST CENTURY AD,
         Some of  these prophecies  are  set out  in    full below…
         their fulfilment is     illustrated by    the facts following…
         the dates are as accurate as possible       by the records -
         the facts  are indisputable,     and are readily accepted
         by believers  who  are the  modern-day equivalents of
          those to whom  Jesus spoke  these wonderful words-
                    "But blessed are your eyes, for they see:
              and your ears, for they hear"- Matthew 13v16.
   As  shown elsewhere we must  be        able to clearly identify    &
   witness  against   the    apostacy   which   the word of God has
   told us must arise...and any way in which this apostacy      can
        turn attention away from itself has been used - link to
   'apocalypse'..'the Lord's day'-5th Vision.       We can clearly
   identify the  modern-day equivalent  of  ancient Babylon, as
                the apostacy is termed, in Revelation 17v5-
   The comment of  the  then  head  of  the     'Roman Catholic
   church',when in 1962 he welcomed sympathetic 'Protestant'
   observers to  the  21st  'Ecumenical Council',      is a damning
   identification of  both  parties when he stated the following-
                         this harmonises with
                      "The Roman Church is
     the Mother and Mistress of all the churches"
                ( 'Council of Trent' 1545-1563)
                      If Rome is the "mother"
                 who then are her "daughters"?
    The family likeness  is obvious,           by the sharing
    of false teachings,       which came from paganism
    ("Babylon") via Rome-     being dressed up in a
    'Christian' garb to deceive      the unenlightened-
    which teachings include– "the trinity", "imm-
       ortal souls", "a fallen-angel devil", etc. etc.
    "Babylon" signifies'confusion'.     Such confusion
    is evident in   these self-contradictory doctrines
       which are totally opposed to the Scriptures.

    "Mystery'' identifies  the modern-day apostacy
    with the"mystery" religion of Babylon, so well-
    known to historians and Bible scholars.  It is a
    means  which  any  hierarchy  utilizes   to retain
    power by the use of fear of the unknown,    which
          only "the initiated leaders" can interpret.
    And  "the great" demonstrates the world-wide
          expansion of this pagan-derived apostacy.
    Link to   'Bible'- 'satan'- 'apocalypse'- 'foundation'.
     Also link via   'Index' to 'God', 'spirit', 'mortal', 'devil', 'baptism'.
     Further identification is  evident with the adoption,  under other
     names, into the modern-day calendar,     of "the goddess of fertil-
           ity" and the "birthday" of "the sun-god"- link to page 2.
        Those who desire to be saved must be separate from all this.
     In 'The Two Babylons' Hislop clearly identifies    the links between
     the ancient pagan days of worship  &  the modern Catholic equi-
     valents. Refer particularly to chapter iii-'Festivals',      including the
     9 month period between the feasts of 25 March&25 December.
                     See the gestative period of the harlot– below*
     In the course of his comments Hislop states:
     "To conciliate the Pagans to nominal Christianity,Rome,     pursuing
     its usual policy,  took measures to get the Christian and Pagan fes-
     tivals amalgamated,  and,  by  a complicated but skilful adjustment
     of the calendar,   it was found no difficult matter,  in general, to get
     Paganism and Christianity– now sunk far in idolatry -     in this, as in
     so many other things, to shake hands"-page 105, 1969 edition.
                        prophecies of the apostacy
     Matthew 24v4-13- "..And many false prophets shall rise,     and
     shall deceive many.. the love of many ("the many"-RV, Diag-
     lott, John Thomas- i.e. 'the majority')  shall wax cold.  But he
                 that shall endure unto the end shall be saved".  

     Acts 20v26-32-"For I know this,that after my departing shall
        grievous wolves enter in among you, not sparing the flock.
     Also of  your own selves  shall men arise,   speaking perverse
                    things, to draw away disciples after them".
     (Jesus prophesied of this- Matthew 7v15-20; John 10v12,13).
     (Jude 4 testifies this process had then begun-     "For there are
         certain men crept in unawares..before of old ordained").

     2nd Thessalonians 2v1-10-     " ..the  day  of  Christ..shall  not
     come, except there come a falling away first,  and that man of
     sin be revealed,the son of perdition; Who opposeth and exalt-
     eth himself above all that is called God, or that is worshipped;
     so that he as God sitteth in  the  temple of God, shewing him-
     self that he is God..And now  ye  know what withholdeth that
     he might be revealed in his time.    For the mystery of iniquity
     doth already work;     only he who  now letteth will let   ("only
     there is one that restraineth now"- RV)       until he be taken out
     of the way.  And then shall that wicked be revealed..whom the
     Lord..shall destroy with  the  brightness  of his coming:  Even
     him, whose coming is  after  the working  of satan (original =
     'the satan'-   link to 'satan')..because they received not the love
     of the truth, that they might be saved".
     (Note  the  prophecy  of  "the mystery of iniquity", later to be
     fulfilled   as           "MYSTERY,  BABYLON THE GREAT".
     Also,  the  "man  of  sin", later  to  be  fulfilled  as  the  "man
        child" and the "man"- Revelation 12v5; 13v18-see below-
     the "one that restraineth",   i.e. Pagan Rome was "taken out
     of the way" in  AD312-324,   allowing    "that wicked..man of
               sin..(to) be revealed" at the head of the apostacy).
     1st Timothy 4v1-3-  "..in  the  latter  times  some shall depart
     from the faith,  giving heed to seducing spirits,  and doctrines
     of devils  (orig.  'demons',    supposed  demi-gods);    Speaking
     lies in hypocrisy;  having  their  conscience  seared with a hot
     iron; Forbidding to marry,   and commanding to abstain from
     meats, which God hath created to be received with thanks-
     giving of them which believe and know the truth".
     (Note the    pagan 'demons' (demi-gods) have been replaced by
     "patron saints";  priests are "forbidd(en) to marry";  meat is
     not to be eaten on Fridays;all of which  is  absolute   apostacy.
     Daniel 11v39 (Hebrew)speaks of "the bazaars of the protect-
     ors (guardians)"-  prophesying of the apostate "churches" &
     their"patron saints"- & the sale of "indulgences / penances"-
     "with a strange god"- identified below as the Roman bishop).
     The Roman bishop is "the god of protectors" Dan.11v38.
     Link to page 2 - AD 375,600,787,995 re "patron saints"
                                   AD 1190,1473           re "indulgences"      etc.
     2nd Timothy 4v2-4-  "Preach  the  word..For  the   time   will
     come when  they  will  not  endure  sound  doctrine;  but after
     their own lusts shall they heap to themselves teachers, having
     itching ears;      And they shall   turn away their ears   from the
         truth, and shall be turned unto fables  (Grk.'the fables').

                                Note-dates are as accurate as possible                                  
                  AD33   The death and resurrection of Jesus.   Then -  the
                  outpouring of  the  spirit  on  the  Day of   Pentecost - the
                  early ecclesias formed- the beginning of the apostacy-
                  "the  mystery  of  iniquity doth  already  work"       (original
                  has connotations of WORKING INWARDLY,     as with
                  the formation of a child).  No longer " a chaste virgin un-
                  to Christ"2nd Corinthians 11v2,    this corrupted "whore"
                  Revelation 17v2,  impregnated with   the seeds of apostate
                  formalism and pagan philosophy,   carefully nurtured the
                  child from her harlotry within.  The gestation period of a
                  woman is 280 days.  In  the    Scriptures,   1 day represents
                  1 year in  prophetic terms- cp   Numbers 14v33,34;  Ezek-
                  iel 4v4-6.This gestative period* ended after 10 day-years
                  of birth-pangs (persecution) in AD313   by a decree,  & the
                  harlot-woman of the apocalypse gave birth-  Rev.12v1-5.
                  Her "man child" Constantine  began  to  set up in power
                  those who had left the Truth .    These apostates were no
                  longer,  as  commanded,  "strangers  and  pilgrims"   (1st
                  Peter 2v11).  They  became  power-brokers of the world!
                  In fact many of them took up arms in the service of Con-
                  stantine– defying Christ (Matt.5v38-48)-   now "friend(s)
                  of the world..(and thus)..enem(ies) of God"-   James 4v4.
                  From AD 312-324,     Constantine   consolidated his power
                  over the Roman Empire,     and set up  apostate  Catholic
                  bishops over his subjects. Though nominally "Christian"
                  it was now in reality  pagan-            because it was founded
                  upon  PAGAN TEACHINGS,   and  not  scriptural truths.
                  Edward Gibbon, the noted historian,    wrote that though
                  "Christianity" emerged  triumphant,  it  was  at  the cost
                  of the adoption of many pagan teachings. Scripture corr-
                  oborates  his  independent  testimony, as we have shown.

                  Remarkably,   the  "man  child" (Constantine) was   fully
                  revealed in AD324,  when he became  the sole ruler over
                  the Roman Empire,  now  to  become   'Pagan-Christian'.
                  In AD330  he  laid  the foundations for his  Eastern capi-
                  tal  upon the soil  of   the  Greek  colony    Byzantium, and
                  named it Constantinople.   In this year also the Basilican
                  church of  'St. Peters' in Rome was erected.    It was later
                  pulled down and replaced by the present edifice.

                  Another  gestative  period  began,  which  was  to  end   in
                  AD604-610, when the decrees of  Phocas,  then emperor,
                  finally  established  the  bishop  of  Rome as the supreme
                  head over all Catholics.     The "man of sin" was now fi-
                  nally revealed, as Paul had prophesied, that  "he as God
                  sitteth in the temple of God,    shewing  himself that he is
                  God"-2nd Thess. 2v4;cp Dan.7v8,11,20,25;Rev. 13v5,6..
                     see proofs below, which could be greatly multiplied..
                  (we hesitate to record such blasphemies; however they
                  must be provided for the information of the viewer).
                 'If to serve God truly is to reign, while thou servest Leo thou
                     reignest; for Leo is God on earth'- App. to Roscoe's Leo X.
                     'All the kings of the west held the pope to be a God upon earth'.
                                                                              - Gregory II, AD727.
                     'The Pope is God because the Vicar of God'
                                                                              - Innocent, from his Decretals.
                     'It is certain that the Pontiff was called a God by the pious
                     prince Constantine: and it is manifest that God cannot be judged
                     by men..Our Lord God the Pope'- Canon Law, Gratian,12thC.AD
                     'The pope..the supreme judge of heaven and earth, the judge of
                     all..God himself on earth'- The 'New York Catechism'.
                     'We hold upon this earth the place of God Almighty'-
                                    the Great Encyclical Letters of Pope Leo XIII.
                     'For thou art the shepherd..thou art another God on earth'-
                                                                    Mansi (ed.) in Sacrorum Conciliorum.
                     As noted elsewhere,we deny any legitimacy to such titles as "pope"
                     applied to mere mortal fallible men.     "And call no man your father
                     upon the earth: for one is your Father, which is in heaven"- Matt.23
                     v9.  And to assume  the  title  of  "God"  is the height of blasphemy.

                     The Roman bishop promotes the above claims.     And the "church"
                     admits her decrees would be "terrible presumption and blasphemy"
                     without the authority of Christ   (Australian 'pastoral letter' 1962 ).
                 Link to  'foundation'   explaining Matthew 16 & 18 for the refutation
                     of these blasphemies,  and  the  real  meaning  of  Christ's teaching.

                  Revelation 13v18** tells us that the "number" of the
                  "man" i.e. the "man of sin" prophesied by Paul, is 666#.
                  One of many titles used of or by the Roman bishop =
                  'Vicarius Filii Dei'-i.e. 'The Vicar of the Son of God'.
                  The total numerical value of these Roman letters  =  666.
                  In addition,  'Lateinos' and  'The Latin Kingdom' when
                  given the Greek  numerical  equivalents  add up to 666.
                    Latin clearly identifies the "man of sin" with Rome..
                  (..a pagan custom was to designate their "gods" by the
                  numerical equivalents of their names-    the above iden-
                  tification therefore reveals  Rome's pagan associations)

                  **note the connection  between the "mark" and  the "num-
                       ber" of the apostacy– Revelation 13v15-18– see page 2.
                  Further,   note the prophecy of Daniel 7v8,20 re "the eyes of
                  (a) man"  and  the   shocking  fulfilment  as  "the holy see".
                      ..ask yourself,   are these things "just co-incidences"?
                                             Or are they, in actual fact
                          the demonstration of  the truth of Bible prophecy?

                  #concerning the number '6' link to the following-
                  'the Lord's day'-6th Vision-'structure'-'signs'-the 6th
                  The "mystery of iniquity"  prophesied  by Paul was later
                  revealed  as "MYSTERY, BABYLON THE GREAT" in
                  Revelation 17v5.               This identifies the modern-day
                  "church" apostacy with   the  well-known ancient "mys-
                  tery" religion of Babylon. It teaches "the trinity", which
                  is called "a mystery".  Julius III is said to have removed
                  "mystery" from the tiara because of Protestant jibes..
                  (the tiara represented the  three  states  seized & lost by
                  Rome, as prophesied-   Daniel 7v8; Rev. 16v13;17v16).              
                  Edward Gibbon, the noted historian, wrote-
                       "The creed of MYSTERY and superstition..in the
                      7th century disgraced the simplicity of the Gospel".          



               Departure from the Truth-page 2

                 SIGNIFICANT DATES
           Before we look more closely at   the history of how the
            various unscriptural teachings    &    practices have been
            added over the centuries,   let us note the main epoch-
            al dates fulfilling  Biblical    prophecies of the course   of

                                      the apostacy
      AD33-  the beginning of the "in-working" of   the apostacy
                           by    heretic    Jewish and  pagan influences to  be re-
                                 vealed after 280 gestative day-years.
          AD303- the  "birth-pangs"  of  the  harlot  woman  of the
                       Apocalypse,  about  to   give  birth  to  the   "man
                       child" Constantine,     the champion of Catholics.
                       Persecution by pagan emperors for 10 day-years.
          AD312-324- the  wars  of  Constantine against   the pagan
                       emperors,  by  which  the rulership of   the Roman
                       Empire  is  changed  to  apostate  "Christianity".
          AD312- the beginning of prophecies of 1260 day-years  of
                       persecution of  "the remnant of (the woman's)
                            seed" and dissenters by the Catholics.
          AD313- the  "birth" of   the  "man child" marked  by    his
                       decree of "toleration" of  all   religions; which    was
                       also marked by the elevation of   the Catholics.
          AD324-Constantine assumes total control-   the beginning
                             of the 2nd "in-working" of 280 day-years.
          AD330- Constantine in this year lays   the   foundations for
                       his  Eastern  capital  upon  the  soil  of the Greek
                       colony Byzantium.     He names it Constantinople.
                                 The old 'St. Peters' in Rome erected.
          AD529-535- the laws of Justinian  giving     authority to the
                       bishop of Rome over his rivals for power.Beginn-
                       ing  of  1st application of  prophecy   of  1260 day-
                       years of persecution   by   the established apostacy.
          AD604-610- the laws of Phocas giving supreme ecclesias-
                       tical power to the bishop of Rome.  The final rev-
                       elation of the "man of sin"after another 280 day-
                       years.      Beginning of 2nd application of prophecy
                       of 1260day-years of   persecution by the apostacy.
          AD1572-the massacre of St.Bartholomew when the apos-
                       tacy murdered thousands of dissenters,     and   also
                       struck a medal in celebration-   thus  fulfilling     the
                       1260 years of persecution which began in AD312.
          AD1789-1795- the French Revolution which began to dis-
                       member,  as prophesied,  the  temporal (political)
                       power of the apostate "church".   This ended the
                           1st period of  1260 years   from  AD529-535.                                            
          AD1864-1870-  the dissolution of  the temporal   (political)
                       power of   the  apostate  Roman     "church" by the
                       taking  away  of  her 3  states  by    the new Italian
                       kingdom. This ended the 2ndperiod of 1260 years
                       beginning AD604-610.      Having lost the power to
                       persecute,    the Roman   bishop      proclaims     his own
                       infallibility.              The "man of sin"  is    now      termed
                       "the false prophet"-       i.e. one who can only falsely
                       claim to be a teacher, having no power to enforce
                       his dogmas on others.     The above also fulfilled the
                                      first period of 1335 years.
                              It likewise pre-figured future judgments.
                       Daniel 2v31-33,40;7v19-26;11v36-38;12v5-13;
                       2nd Thessalonians 2v1-12;
                       Revelation 11 &12;13v1-10;16v13,14;17v16.
             MORE- link to 'page 1'-'apocalypse'-'the time of the end'
                         departures from the Truth-
                   as they occurred in history
                note- dates as accurate as possible              

         AD37- "And certain men which came down from Judea"-
                        Acts 15    records  the     first organized  resistance  to
                        the purity of the Faith,      which has been shown in
                        its various forms to  persist until  the present   time.
                 The first error involved  the  placing of     redundant
                        laws upon the Gospel,     which in its practical effect
                              nullified salvation by faith-  link to 'grace'..
                        The Truth gradually   became    further corrupted    by
                        the entrance of pagan philosophies, such as:
                        "immortal souls"             origin=Egypt
                        "the trinity"                          origin=Babylon
                        "a fallen-angel devil"         origin=Persia

                        Holy spirit gifts ceased by the early 2nd century AD-
                        link to 'spirit'-page 1.  Corrupt evil men then began
                        to usurp power to themselves, becoming "lords over
                        God's heritage" - link to 'foundation'-pages 1 & 2.
                        Thus began the unscriptural "clergy"/"laity" divide,
                        which persists to this day, to the ruin of the Truth.
                        Contrast Matthew 23v8 -
                        "But be not ye called Rabbi:   for one is your Master,
                        even Christ; and all ye are brethren".
             AD37-324-we reproduce comments taken from     'Eureka',
                        an incomparable exposition of The Apocalypse, by
                             John Thomas, which summarise this period..
                        "The invention of this lie     (i.e. the teaching of the Judaizers
                             in Acts 15)   was  the  beginning of   troubles  to  the   body  of
                             Christ.   Its  inventors  found  their    advantage  in      propagating
                             it in defiance of the apostles.     They made proselytes to their
                             tradition both  among  the elders and  private members      of the
                             flock; and wherever    they succeeded  in  establishing  their  in-
                             fluence, there,    and to the same extent,      the authority of the
                             apostles was set aside. They became the adversaries of these
                             holy and self-denying men,       and   are   therefore  styled   in the
                             Apocalypse    "the Satan",     and their   "church",      "the syna-
                             gogue of the Satan"...But others arose after these,    and added
                             new elements to "the lie".          Truth is fixed, but lies never di-
                             minish in circulating, but always increase.    Pious Jews began
                             the work       of  corrupting  the  faith;   and  pious Gentiles,   who
                             had been subverted,  added       some of  their  "philosophy" and
                             "gnosis", or "science falsely so called", to the original stock,
                             and in their combination,    produced  what  Paul   styles,    in      2
                             Thess. 2:7,  musterion tes anomias,  THE MYSTERY OF IN-
                             IQUITY.    This,    he says,   was "already     working";  and in its
                             working   through        Judaizing   and   philosophizing   teachers,
                             gave him all      the trouble  and  mortification  he  laments in the
                                                several epistles".           'Eureka', 1861.
                             Compare Acts 20v17-38; 1st Corinthians 15v1-17; 2nd Cor-
                             inthians 11v12-28;   Galatians 2-5;   2nd Timothy 2;    2nd Peter
                             2v1-3; 1st John 4v1-6; Jude - whole epistle -    & also please
                             link to page 1-'satan'- 'committees'.
               AD300 prayers for the dead
                 AD300 making the sign of the cross**
            AD320 wax candles
            AD325 teaching that Christ is equal to God
            AD325 "Easter"- from 'Astarte' (pagan goddess )= =
            AD325 priests to refuse marriage after "ordination"<<
            AD337 sun-god birthday now "Christ-mass"- Julius I= =
            AD375 image-worship, veneration of angels, "dead saints"^^
            AD381 personality of holy spirit, its equality with God
            AD385 married priests' celibacy after "ordination"<<
            AD394 beginning of daily "mass"
            AD5thC sun-god birthday fixed as "Christ-mass"= =
            AD431 exaltation of Mary as "mother of God"^^
            AD451 final form of "the trinity"        
            AD500 priests begin to dress differently to "laymen"
            AD526 beginning of "extreme unction"
            AD529 prohibition of work on sun-god birthday("Christ-mass")= =
            AD593 teaching of purgatory -  Gregory I
            AD600 latin used in prayer and worship -  Gregory I
            AD600 prayers directed to Mary, angels and "dead saints"^^
            AD607 universal power to Roman bishop -  Boniface III
            AD709 kissing the Roman bishop's foot
            AD727 Roman bishop called "a God upon earth"
            AD750 temporal power of Roman bishop
            AD787 veneration of images of Christ, Mary, "dead saints"^^
            AD850 "holy water" mixed with salt & blessed by a priest
            AD890 worship of "St. Joseph"^^
            AD927 beginning of "college of cardinals"
            AD965 baptism of bells -  John XIII
            AD995 "canonization" of "dead saints"- John XV^^
            AD998 fasting on Fridays and during "Lent"<<
            AD11thC "mass" proclaimed "a sacrifice", & obligatory
            AD1074 pledge of celibacy demanded of trainee-priests<<
            AD1090 "the rosary" (= mechanical prayer via beads)
            AD1122 concordat of Worms; Roman bishop & emperor
            AD1123 nullification of all clerical marriages<<
            AD1184 the first "inquisition"-council of Verona##
            AD1190 beginning of sale of "indulgences"<<
            AD1215 transubstantiation proclaimed -  Innocent III
            AD1215 auricular confession of sins to priests by "laity"
            AD1220 adoration of the wafer ("host")
            AD1229 Bible forbidden to "laymen"
            AD1237 Spanish "inquisition" begins -  Gregory IX##
            AD1251 scapula invented by English monk
            AD1252 torture for "heresy" - bull of Innocent IV##
            AD1311 final decree substituting "sprinkling" for baptism
            AD1416 cup at "communion" forbidden to laity
            AD1414-1418 concurrent competing Roman bishops>>
            AD1439 "purgatory" proclaimed as dogma
            AD1439 doctrine of "seven sacraments"
            AD1473 sale of "indulgences" extended to the dead<<
            AD1508 the "ave Maria"^^
            AD1534 Jesuit order founded by Loyola
            AD1545 tradition declared as equal to Bible
            AD1546 apocryphal books added to Roman Bible
            AD1572 massacre of Huguenots
            AD1560 Roman "church" creed against "protestants"
            AD1854 "immaculate conception" of Mary proclaimed^^
            AD1864 "syllabus of errors" condemning freedoms etc.
            AD1870 Roman bishop proclaims own infallibility
            AD1908 "inquisition" re-named "holy office"
            AD1930 public schools denounced by Roman "church"
            AD1941-45 Roman bishop does not condemn holocaust
            AD1950 "assumption" (bodily ascent) of Mary^^
            AD1962 Rome "welcomes (protestants) as a mother"00
            The above is only a selection of the abominations which
            have been committed..more details may be obtained from
            'Vicars of Christ' by Peter de Rosa, first published 1988.

            **this clearly identifies Rome with the apostacy -
                link to page 1 re the "mark" and the "number" of the
                apostacy - compare Revelation 13v15-18.
      << ^^a further identification with the Roman apostacy - link
                 to page 1 re 1st Timothy 4v1-3, Daniel 11v38,39.
                    ==  apostacy - link to page 1 &  'the last "Christ-Mass"'
            ##cp Revelation 13v7,10,15; 17v6; 18v24.        
            >>termed by Catholic bishops -"an intolerable scandal and
                a running sore"- 'pastoral letter' re 1962 Ecum. Council..
                similar schisms have happened on many occasions.
      00 identifies Rome as "the mother of harlots" Revelation 17v1-5
            Note – we refuse to refer to the Roman bishop by his more
            common title,   see Matthew 23v9..we also will not allocate
            to any mortal the reverence due to God alone,   Psalm 111v9.

            will it be "the great whore..having a golden cup in her hand
            full of abominations and filthiness of her fornication..drunk-
            en with the blood of the saints and the martyrs of Jesus"-
            or will it be "a chaste virgin to Christ…..a glorious ecclesia,
            not having spot,or wrinkle, or any such thing..holy and with-
            out blemish..the wife..of   the Lamb (who) hath  made       herself
            ready"?      Rev.17v1,4,6; 2nd Cor.11v2; Eph.5v27; Rev.19v7.    
                               TODAY WE HAVE THAT CHOICE.
                                       Tomorrow it may be too late.


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